Domestic Water Renewal

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Domestic Water Renewal
Ferntree Gully, Victoria

We recently received an enquiry from a Ferntree Gully resident with an abundance of annoying plumbing problems. The client was experiencing rusty water, low water pressure and continuous leaking, causing increased water bills, unhealthy water and potential property damage, but was unsure of the cause.

After a quick examination we discovered old rusting galvanised pipes in poor condition, seemingly restricting water flow and causing multiple issues for this family. We offered this family a couple of options for replacing the pipes to ensure a consistent flow of healthy water, whilst adhering to a budget before our final water renewal plan was presented. Our plumbing solution included:

Excavating trenches from water meter to the front of the house
Supply and installing new poly water pipe in trench and into sub floor of house, new pex water piping in the sub floor and exit sub floor at the kitchen wall
Supply and installing new water supply pipe on external wall into roof space and down garage wall near the laundry
Installing a new hose bib tap on the external wall at the kitchen
Supply and installing new copper pipework on the external brick wall and connecting it to existing tails
Open up brickwork to obtain access to existing pipework
Removing existing galvanised pipework
Creating new water supply to connect to laundry and granny flat on right side of house
Backfilling trenches, cleaning site and removing all rubbish

Unfortunately galvanised iron pipes can corrode and rust over time, causing annoying plumbing issues that can be difficult to fix.

Luckily at Joniec Plumbing, our team of expert domestic plumbers provide a non-invasive, knowledgeable and efficient service for a range of domestic plumbing issues, to ensure you’re protecting our precious resources, the health and safety of your family, and the money in your pocket. To see our range of domestic services please click here.