Water Renewals

Domestic Water Pipe Renewal Service

Joniec Plumbing provide the latest in water pipe repair and replacement services to your home.

Our team of professional plumbers have over 15 years’ experience repairing and installing brand new water supply pipes in Melbourne and South East Melbourne suburbs.

Common reasons for water supply pipe plumbing failures include rusty water, changes in water pressure, changes in water temperature or you may simply have lead pipes that are not safe and healthy for your family. A build-up of impurities in your home’s water supply can cause nasty bacteria to thrive, or reduce the rate of water available to your home.

Our trusted team of plumbers will arrange an assessment for you to determine the cause of your water pipe plumbing problems, and work with Water Authorities where necessary to arrange your new water pipe, or any relevant repair work. Utilising specialist trenchless technology we can install a new water service, drain valve, pipes and stop taps to provide a more reliable water supply, improved quality of drinking and washing water, reduced risk of damage to your property and roads, and reduced maintenance costs. If you want to ensure your water supply is safe and healthy for your family or business contact the Melbourne plumbing experts today.