Commercial Hot Water Service

Commercial Plumbing for Business in Melbourne’s South East

Commercial Hot Water Service
Montrose, Victoria

This business in the leafy suburb of Montrose in Melbourne’s South East recently contacted us to discuss how they could arrange a back up hot water service for their business.

Our commercial plumbing team recommended installing a secondary hot water unit to provide their business with a back up for alternative usage, meaning they would have no downtime for their business by removing the need to draw off a large quantity of cold water before hot water is expelled. Upon meeting the client, we discussed different secondary hot water unit options that would work well with the existing unit, while maximising the efficiency for the business. Our plumbing solution included:

Supply and installing new Rinnai Demand Duo 315LSS hot water system with gas booster to suit LPG
Installing new system next to existing Demand Duo
Setting up new system with isolation valves for alternate usage
Connecting, testing and commissioning

It can be stressful deciding how to install a new hot water service for your business, but at Joniec Plumbing we take all the hassle away.

Our expert commercial plumbers understand that every business is different, so we arrive prepared with all the knowledge, latest products and friendly service to ensure you receive the highest quality service and products suited to your business’ individual requirements. To read more on our range of commercial services please click here.