Plumbing Projects

Commercial Roof Plumbing Melbourne CBD

We were recently contacted by a Melbourne business to find a solution for their water leaking issue. After an obligation free inspection, we discovered the roof of the business had box gutters which were over flowing due to insufficient fall. This was causing the water to leak through the awning onto the Collins Street footpath.

Commercial Factory Fire Service Renewal

A local industrial business recently enquired about a fire service renewal project for their factory and office space in Clayton. The business owners wanted to test and upgrade the fire services to make sure they were in prime condition, should there ever be any potential fire emergency.

Complex Industrial Roof Plumbing

This industrial business in Frankston was struggling with multiple roof leaks, which not only caused issues for their business, but was potentially dangerous for employees. Upon inspection we found the roof was comprised of aging materials and had not been maintained properly, causing leaks across the whole roof.

Domestic Water Renewal

We recently received an enquiry from a Ferntree Gully resident with an abundance of annoying plumbing problems. The client was experiencing rusty water, low water pressure and continuous leaking, causing increased water bills, unhealthy water and potential property damage, but was unsure of the cause.

Commercial Drainage Plumbing Service

Sometimes a blocked toilet isn’t necessarily caused by flushing incorrect items. A business in Preston reached out to us to find the cause of their persistent blockages in their male and female toilets, causing issues for their staff and customers.

Commercial Hot Water Service

This business in the leafy suburb of Montrose in Melbourne’s South East recently contacted us to discuss how they could arrange a back up hot water service for their business.