Tap Repairs

Residential Tap Repair Plumbing Service

Joniec Plumbing specialise in efficient tap repairs and replacement throughout Melbourne and the South East.

Our team of professional plumbers are able to comprehensively diagnose dripping and leaking taps, unusual noises coming from your taps as well as pressure issues – all common signs a problematic tap.

Our licensed plumbers can replace washers and corroded fixtures to prevent excessive water wastage and prevent the escalation of other issues such as flooding, water stains, mould and cabinet swelling. Even a slightly dripping tap could waste around 100 litres of water per week, costing you precious resources and money. Our dedicated team of tap repair plumbers can effectively service your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sink taps, toilet and shower taps, garden taps, washing machine and dishwasher taps. Additionally, we can provide extensive advice and information on recommended replacement taps and fixtures that specifically suit your lifestyle and usage requirements. From basic, slimline taps to environmentally friendly water saving taps, we can provide the best solution for your individual needs.